Motivational and engaging  gamified Christian education for youth groups, confirmation classes, etc.
(Watch the video to see a complete introduction).

Gamification is the use of game mechanics to enhance teaching and learning by increasing participation, engagement, loyalty and competition.

Carsten helped me gamify my confirmation class. I highly recommend it. My own energy increased substantially and the students were hooked right away. They made plans and alliances and strategies and put a lot of energy into managing the tasks and getting XP.
If you need new energy as a teacher then Carsten’s ideas are really good

(Christoffer Olesen, pastor)


“Mission Constantine” is an award winning Christian gamification project, created by Danish pastor Carsten R. Jensen. The students are taught the basics of Christianity through 6 Missions, Expeditions, and voluntary Side Expeditions. During the course the students act as “Tribes” for Emperor Constantine who wants to know more about Christianity because his mother, Helena, has become a Christian..

Use the manual and expect to spend 1 week on preparations.

An important part of the package you receive is an example of a complete annual plan. This plan leaves plenty of room for your personal teaching style, theology and preferred content. The plan covers the complete Mission Constantine course, it is divided into the 6 missions of the course and there are numerous references to the other files in the package, such as PowerPoints and worksheets.

The package contains examples of Event Cards and ideas for cards you can create using sites like mtgcardsmith.com or canva.com
These cards are used to change the course of the story and the gameplay. Let a random student pick an event card every time you meet and see how the content of the card changes the game and score.

The package contains examples of Bonus Cards and ideas for cards you can creagte using sites like mtgcardsmith.com og canva.com
These cards are used in your Shop. The students earn XP and they can use them to buy Bonus Cards.
Bonus Cards can be bought and used during every Mission, Expedition, and Boss Fight.

There are PowerPoint files for every mission, including the introductory lesson.
The PowerPoint files are referenced in the annual plan.

If you follow the annual plan in the package you will see that there are worksheets for several of the missions and expeditions. Examples of worksheets are: “Prioritize your faith”, “Hashtag a Bible verse”, Plan an AD312 worship service.”

These are print-ready files, including a Score Board and a Shop Overview.

A very important part of Mission Constantine – and gamified education – is the use of story. The story is the backbone of the entire course. You are free to tell Constantine’s story using the annual plan and your own creativity, but you can also use the three videos included in the package. Use Video 1 at the beginning of the first lesson. Use Video 2 at the beginning of Mission 3, and use Video 3 at the beginning of Mission 6.

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